Main functions


Holding cabinets

Tecnocel assures a perfect storage quality of raw materials, semi-finished and finished products, by adopting a particular air distribution system. In addition, it contributes to improve the whole working activity in every workshops, always respecting the hygienic HACCP guidelines.

Control panel
The control panel is positioned on the top of the appliance and it is equipped with an alpha-numeric back-lit LCD display, in order to facilitate all the programming and visualisation procedures for each function: Temperature Control - Humidity Control (optional) - Continuous Cold - Energy saving - HACCP alarms registration - Keyboard Lock - Defrosting Control (hot gas defrosting)

1 On/off key
2 Continuons cold key / light
3 Confirm key
4 Menu key
5 Decreasing Values Key
6 Increasing Values Key
7 Alpha-numeric back-lit LCD Display

Air flow

A particular air system distribution prevents cold air to hit directly the product, eliminating dehydration problems and the “frost effect”. The air flows inside two internal vertical ducts positioned on the sides of the machine. Tecnocel guarantees a conservation of your production, preserving excellent quality standards


The possibility to develop the machine up to 4 modules (8 half-doors) allows to adjust dimensions on the base of your requests and space available. It is possible to combine different models with a common panel thickness mm.100 (ex. MP1 with ML2).


Main functions

Technical features

Cabinet body_immagine

Cabinet body

Panels with internal and external features in white plastic sheet, built in injected polyurethane without CFC and of 80 mm thickness. Internal angles and vertical external corners are rounded.

Condensing unit_immagine

Condensing unit

The condensing unit placed on the roof of the cabinet. The following options are available: Remote installation Kit of 10 mt, noiseless condensing unit equipped with phono-absorbent box and water or mixed air/water condensing unit.



A special magnetic gasket is installed all along the door perimeter, for assuring the optimal thermal sealing.



The evaporator coil is painted for a long lasting.



Each module is equipped with two right hinged half-doors (clearance 610x800mm). It is possible to request a module with single door (clearance mm 610x800). Left hinges optional.

Door hinges_immagine

Door hinges

The door includes modern and solid hinges, resistant to the frequent openings.



The guides for trays are easily attachable to the rack and equipped with side-lock.

Condensate collecting pan_immagine

Condensate collecting pan

Condensate collecting pan, easy to extract and to empty, also for installations in places without any water draining.

Internal Structure_immagine

Internal Structure

The internal rack with 10 mm pitch ensures great flexibility of use. With 50 mm pitch, the capacity is of n°60 trays with size 600 x 400 mm for each module.