Main functions


Retarder proving technology is used to treat pastry and bakery doughs with the correct temperature and humidity setting. The MiniLev 7 is the essential appliance for artisanal laboratories (bakery, pastry, pizzeria): the perfect solution for the finest leavened products.


Control Panel
New electronic board, with Touch 7 " display, high brightness and capacitive keyboard, and multicolored Status/ Alarm LED

Technical features

Condensing Unit_immagine

Condensing Unit

The condensing unit, placed on the upper part of the cabinet, guarantees an excellent yield and reduces obstruction condenser problems. Remote installation kit up to 10 mt (optional).



All along the perimeter of the door there is a special magnetic gasket which guarantees the thermal sealing.



Panels with internal and external features in white plastified sheet, made with injected polyurethane without CFC, thickness 60 mm. Internal rounded corners. Optional finishing in stainless steel.

Door Hinges_immagine

Door Hinges

The door has modern and solid hinges resistant to the frequent opening and closing door.

Adjustable Air Diffusers_immagine

Adjustable Air Diffusers

The frontal air duct has adjustable air diffusers.



The machine has floor and ramp H. 60 mm.



The innovative design, compact, strong, ergonomic and simple to clean, make easy and safe the door opening and closing