Main functions


Technology improves the quality of your life

The new range of LC Touch retarder provers introduces innovative solutions to the Tecnomac well-known bakery experience. LC GREEN, a flexible and user-friendly solution for the bakery field.

Control panel;

the new Touch screen control panel of 7" is installed in the frontal side of the prover at 1,6 mt height to guarantee a more ergonomic use. Touch technology allows to simplify the retarder prover use and to integrate all the information in a clearer way.

Energy Saving Process Control

The new Tecnomac LC Touch are equipped with an advance electronic board which allow an accurate heating and cooling power control, respecting any humidity demanding. Lower energy consumptions are ensured, especially if compared with the standard ON/OFF controls 80 mm wall thickness are another important feature of this appliance in terms of reducing the heat leakages keeping the efficiency at its maximal level. Up to 40% less energy consumptions than normal solutions equipped by standard controls is the outcome of all above.

Tecnomac Air System (T.A.S.)

The air flows into a vertical duct, equipped with holes with adjustable opening. The circulating air system through a indirect air flow, guarantees a uniform air distribution and allow to obtain a homogenous product proving/leavening without any difference between the first and the last tray.

Technical features

External and internal bumpers_immagine

External and internal bumpers

The external steel bumpers complete the standard equipment.

USB Port_immagine

USB Port

Usb socket to update control panel software by a Usb key.



The innovative design, compact, strong, ergonomic and simple to clean, make easy and safe the door opening and closing.