LC Green +2

Main functions

No more work during the night
Thanks to the great flexibility of use, given by the modern Tecnomac programming and control system, it is possible to use this machinery as retarder-prover, prover room, thawing room and refrigerated cabinet. Panels construction allow to overcome installation problems in workshops situated in particular places: basements, second floors or places with limited entrance.

This phase stops product leavening/proving.

In this phase the temperature is kept costant, avoiding dough proving.

It is also called wakening phase as it allows a gradual product leavening/proving.

Temperature set around +30/+35°C and high percentage of humidity creates a micro-climate ideal to obtain a product ready to be baked.

Once proving is finished, in this phase the temperature decreases, therefore you will have some more time before baking.

Technical features

External Bumpers_immagine

External Bumpers

Relevant equipment includes PVC white external bumpers



The innovative design, compact, strong, ergonomic and simple to clean, make easy and safe the door opening and closing.

Door Profile_immagine

Door Profile

Door profiling is made by aluminium to reduce condensation.

Vertical Ducts_immagine

Vertical Ducts

Special stainless steel AISI 304 vertical ducts each with 21 nozzles manually adjustable.



Tecnomac Retarder Provers are provided with an H60mm anti-slide ramp.



Panels with internal and external features in white plastified sheet, made with injected polyurethane without CFC, thickness 60mm. Internal rounded corners. Optional finishing in stainless steel.

Electronic steamer_immagine

Electronic steamer

Electronic humidifier with automatic water replacement and stainless steel electrodes.