JuniorLEV 7

Main functions


The leavening devoted to your workshop

The proofing cabinets JuniorLev 7 are essential appliances for the artisanal bakeries, pastry shops or pizzerie, since their use allow to eliminate or to minimise night shifts. The great flexibility guaranteed by the modern Tecnomac programming and control system is the main advantage of JuniorLev 7, that can be used as retarder-prover, proving or thawing chamber and refrigerated cabinet

Air distribution system

In the cabinets the air flows into a vertical duct, placed on the left side, equipped with holes with adjustable opening. The circulating air system through a indirect air flow, guarantees a uniform air distribution and allow to obtain a homogenous product proving/lievening without any difference between the first and the last tray.

Temperature control “neutral point”

The possibility to generate heat (up to +35°C) and cooling (up to -10/-18°) allow to guarantee a precise and real temperature compared to the set, with a consequent improvement of product quality.

Humidity control

Each model can be equipped with a humidifier, which values can be set between 65% and 95%. This feature allow a better product quality during prelievening and proving/ leavening phases.