Retarder proovers

The retarder prover helps maintaining
the freshness of the doughs

The secret of taste comes from ingredients.

Retarder prover is a useful and essential equipment in workshops (pastries,bakeries and pizzerias) wich produce eavened/proved dough, since it allow to avoid or reduce the nightshifts. Thanks to the great flexibility of use, given by the modern Tecnomac programming and control system, it is possible to use the machinery as retarder-prover, prover room, thawing room and refrigerated cabinet. Panels construction allow to avercome installation problems in workshops situated in particular places: basements, second floor or places with limited entrance.

The prover helps to maintain the freshness of the doughs

Retarder proving tecnology is used to treat pastry and bakery doughes by the prompt temperature and humidity adjusting, along the time. Retarder proovers stop or reduce yiest prooving effect, saving the dough on the required state till 72 hours, maximum. After that time, a controlled prooving is grant, to obtein the final product within the foreseen time.

Complete process consists on: - cooling phase -5/10°C - holding phase -2°C - pre-prooving phase 13°C - prooving phase 23°C