Main functions


Blast chilling / Shock freezing
The most advanced chilling / freezing solutions in order to ensure quality and hygiene in food processing.

Thawing by forced ventilation.

A specific and dedicated function for ice cream.

HACCP control
Cycles details can be easily stored on an USB stick, in compliance with HACCP guidelines.


The highest hygiene levels are guaranteed by an ozone device (optional)

Technical features

Dual suitability trays rack_immagine

Dual suitability trays rack

Suitable for both GN1/1 and EN 600 x 400 mm trays. Easily removable for cleaning, it is designed to facilitate the chilling air flow, increasing the machine efficiency.



Easy to inspect and with hot gas defrosting, painted against corrosion risks. Indirect air flow.

Core probe_immagine

Core probe

Automatically controls the length of the blast chilling cycle. Conic shaped, can be easily removed after the cycle, no heating needed. The double probe is available as an option.

Ozone sanification_immagine

Ozone sanification

Sanitizes the blast chilling chamber after cleaning the machine. Useful also to sanitize working tools.(optional)