Main functions

The daily simplicity at your fingertips
Tecnomac is now introducing the new Black Kube range of blast chillers and blast freezers. These machines are designed to improve the quality and organization of work. Powerful, versatile, easy to use and reliable. These are the most important features of Tecnomac BK+ blast chillers-freezers.

Control Panel
Simple and intuitive soft touch control panel for the optimal visualisation of all the functions.

Suited for delicate or thin foodstuffs such as rice, vegetables, fried food.
Very effective for dense, greasy and large-sized foodstuffs.
Suited for any food product.


Secondary functions

Increase value key_immagine

Increase value key

Cycle status_immagine

Cycle status

Blast chilling_immagine

Blast chilling

Shock freezing_immagine

Shock freezing

Blast chilling mode_immagine

Blast chilling mode

Temperature and time display_immagine

Temperature and time display

Status icon_immagine

Status icon

Decrease value key_immagine

Decrease value key

Start and Stop_immagine

Start and Stop

Technical features



Castors kit. (optional).

Evaporator fans_immagine

Evaporator fans

Anti-corrosion resin fan blades.

Ozone sanification_immagine

Ozone sanification

Sanitizes the blast chilling chamber after cleaning the machine. Useful also to sanitize working tools. (optional).



USB key for HACCP data download (optional).

Evaporator fans_immagine

Evaporator fans

Anti-corrosion resin fan blades.