Main functions


The retarder prover for laboratory   

Fellow irreplaceable, in small and medium, are the cabinets and tables Tecnomac dedicated to proving and conservation. The various configurations and sizes, can satisfy the production requirements and footprint specifications of each pastry shop. At the same time ensure the high technology and performance, their cell Tecnomac, having implemented the philosophy and decades of experience. These are characterized by soluzone adopt monocoque, with high insulation, and for quick installation at the customers.

Technical features

Castor kit_immagine

Castor kit

Available version with wheels, useful to simplify the cleaning procedures of the workshop (optional)



N. 5 pair of stainless steel guides(optional)



A special magnetic gasket is installed all along the door perimeter, for assuring the optimal thermal sealing

Condensing unit_immagine

Condensing unit

The condensing unit placed on the roof of the cabinet. The following options are available: Remote installation Kit of 10 mt, noiseless condensing unit equipped with phono-absorbent box and water or mixed air/water condensing unit.