Founded long ago in 1963, Castel MAC is a company specialized in professional refrigeration


Known as one of the leaders in the production of retarder provers, Castel Mac MAC has also been working in the development and manufacturing of refrigerated cabinets and a wide range of blast chillers-freezers.

The company, through technical innovation and the adoption of the most innovative technical solutions, is one of the most important world players.


In an increasingly competitive and dynamic market, Castel MAC holds the product, innovation as its main aim, always offering a wide range of effective solutions to accommodate and satisfy even the most sophisticated needs of its customers.

For over 40 years Tecnomac, a division of Castel MAC SpA, has been researching, manufacturing and selling, all over the world, foodservice equipment and machines for bakery, pastry and ice-cream production


Tecnomac has a deep knowledge of refrigeration techniques, which along with its devotion to quality, allows to obtain a perfect production process. The products, result of thorough research and accurate design, undergo frequent lab tests and are carefully installed, because our goal is to prevent defects, aware as we are that customers want reliable, user-friendly machines. Products are checked and tested under particularly demanding conditions, in order to ensure the respect of Total Quality standards.


Certifications and Acknowledgements

" A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step". Our first step was taken many years ago. Many things have changed during these years of work: people, materials, methods, but one thing that has never changed is the willingness of planning and manufacturing a product that will satisfy our customers. For this reason, Castel MAC was among the first companies to obtain the ISO 9001 Quality System certification in 1995. In addition to this, and to the growing experience of all these years of work, we never lacked the desire for improvement. We have specialised in winning challenges: being able to manufacture and improve products that already are among the best on the market, is one of the most exciting tasks, and we want to win it.

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