Main functions

Power at your service

The using of water chillers in bakery sector is the easiest way to control the mixture temperature. Tecnomac, world leader in the production of water chillers for bakery, developed the AquaMac range as complete and efficent solution for the production of cold water, from the small laboratory to the big industry.

Technical features


Wall hanger on model 100 liters. Stand (high 82 cm) for drainage on model 100 and 200 liters. Automatic feeding pump on models 100 and 200 liters.

Condensing unit

Mounted in the lower part of the water cooler on model 100 - 200 liters. On models 500 - 1000 litiers it is mounted on the upper part and can be installed separately from the water cooler (“Remote”) on request.

Discharge pump

Can be installed on all models. Model 500 and 1000 liters are equipped with discharge pump in stainless steel and bronze material.


By propeller agitator on model 100 liters. Whereas the other models have the recirculating pump insulating.


In plastic covered steelplate.


Polyurethane material for mximum insulating efficiency.


On model 100 and 200. Optional on models 500 and 1000 liters.


Stainless steel AISI 304 no toxic to conform with health measures.


Strong oven - baked painted steel frame.

The range of Tecnomac machinery covers all sectors of catering,
from the production of bread to the world of catering.