Advanced Control

Main functions


Cabinets for freshness

Tecnomac presents the new storage cabinets Advanced Control, born to preserve perfectly every product. Great power, versatility and extreme reliability are the most important features of the new AC line. Its ergonomic and modern design and its excellent reliability over time guarantee cutting-edge performances and make Advanced Control the perfect appliance for each work environment. AC Series, designed to preserve all freshness.

Control Panel
Simple and intuitive to use, with Touch tecnology, enables easy viewing and programming of various functions.

- Temperature unit


- Allarm

- Compressor state/p>

- Defrost

- Energy saving/p>

- Apps Android monitoring with connection Bluetooth (optional)

Secondary functions



Auxiliary charge

Defrost /_immagine

Defrost /

Energy saving

Increase value /_immagine

Increase value /


Decrease value_immagine

Decrease value

On /_immagine

On /

Stand By

Keypad lock /_immagine

Keypad lock /

Set temperature

Technical features

Castor kit_immagine

Castor kit

Available version with wheels, useful to simplify the cleaning procedures of the workshop (optional)



Recorder with SD memory card. (otional)



Ventilated models, with high and low humidity according the model chosen. Low energy consumption fans.

Max work temperature_immagine

Max work temperature

This appliance is designed for use in ambient temperature up to 40°C.

Soft Touch panel_immagine

Soft Touch panel

New soft touch control panel, large LED display with multicolours icons state/alarm, high brightness display



Ergonomic design with insulation thickness 75 mm.


The range of Tecnomac machinery covers all sectors of catering,
from the production of bread to the world of catering.