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A modern confectionery shop cannot avoid taking advantage of blast freezing techniques.

The need of reducing night-shifts, manpower, overtime hours and most of all of offering end users a wider and wider choice of products, are among the main reasons why cooling technologies  have become an essential tool in all modern pastry laboratories.

The retarder provers, blast chillers and refrigerated cabinets, allow to organize and rationalize the production in the laboratories, using the most modern technologies.

Multifunction Blast Chillers. The most advanced blast chiller solutions in order to ensure quality and hygiene in food processing.

Great performances, reliability and modern design: this is the new HC range.

The advanced blast chiller: eVent by Tecnomac. Discover the potentiality proposed by eVent.

SmartControl, the conservation evolution. Designed to hold your passion.

The new BK+ range of blast chillers and blast freezers. These machines are designed to improve the quality and organization of work.

A modular conservation cabinets range for large volume needs.

The perfect tool for small and medium productions, for hotels and restaurants.